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Volunteer Programs: How to Offer BIG Incentives on a Small Budget

Fortune 100 released their 2015 Best Companies to Work For list, and it’s full of philanthropic companies that love giving back to their communities through volunteerism. From offering employees paid time off to volunteer or hosting company-wide volunteer events, these major companies use some unique incentives to increase participation amongst employees...

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3 Corporate Philanthropy Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Today’s employees understand the personal value in giving back. That value can positively impact how employees perform professionally too, which is why corporate philanthropy has become a serious topic of discussion in recent years and now more than ever...

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Increase Employee Engagement with Employee Giving Programs

Pleasing today’s workforce is not an easy task. Every month Gallup reports on workforce engagement numbers and U.S. engagement, though it has slowly increased from previous years, and has had little-to-no change since March of this year. At a mere 32.1%, employee engagement should be a top priority for employers. Growing research suggests one solution...

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5 Reasons to Outsource Corporate Philanthropy

There are processes you can’t wait to outsource in business, whether it’s janitorial services for the clutterbug or accounting help for those who are helpless with numbers. You might easily outsource your marketing automation or even your entire recruiting and talent acquisition function. But one idea that...

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How to Increase Employee Participation in Volunteer Programs

“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized, I am somebody.” –Lily Tomlin One of the greatest benefits of having a corporate volunteer program is that it engages the workforce by providing a meaningful and...

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10 Lessons from Top Philanthropic Companies of 2015

We work with socially responsible companies every day. From those championing a volunteer program internally to those who match their employees’ giving to charity, we’ve seen so many incredible companies do great things for their employees, their communities and the...

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Dollars for Doers Program: What is it & Should You Invest?

A number of companies participate in a program that supports the giving of time by their employees commonly known as Dollars for Doers (D4D). There has been a lot of buzz in the marketplace of the value of this type of program and its benefits. What is a dollars for doers program? It’s an employee giving program in which...

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Balancing Pro Bono Volunteering Supply and Demand: How Corporations Can Help

Pro bono volunteering (definition - Pro bono volunteerism is the donation of professional services that utilize the professional and technical skills of the volunteer and for which the recipient nonprofit would otherwise have to pay) is a subset of the larger Skills-Based Volunteering, and one of the fastest growing employee engagement programs...

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How to Make #GivingTuesday Last All Year Long

The holiday season is in full swing. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have all passed and, now, so has Giving Tuesday. Born out of a desire to capitalize on increased consumer buying power, Giving Tuesday is a global movement in its fourth year focused on encouraging people to give back to the community via donations, volunteering and other philanthropic ventures...

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