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grants management system

Automated grant management system for the complete grantmaking lifecycle

From qualification and submission to approval and post-award analysis, CyberGrants supports your corporation or foundation’s grants management efforts to turn your grantmaking into real impact for the world.

With multi-language and currency support, the system spans international boundaries so you can review and approve grants no matter where you are in the world. Whatever device you use. And in whatever location worldwide where your grants can do the most good.

The industry’s most-flexible grants management system handles the full scope of foundation and corporate philanthropy:

  • Cash grants
  • Sponsorships
  • In-kind donations
  • Product donations
  • Research
  • CME and other medical education
  • As well as many employee engagement programs
grants management lifecycle

Applications for grantseekers

With CyberGrants, grantseekers apply through an interface that mimics your corporate or foundation site. Whether you provide a dedicated public-facing site, link from within one of your pages or from an emailed invitation with a code, grantseekers associate your generosity with your brand throughout the process.

Key features and benefits »

Built through years of experience

With nearly 20 years in online grantmaking for some of the largest corporations and foundations across all industries, our system can handle nearly every situation.

Pre-qualification questionnaire

Applicants may complete a highly configurable pre-qualification quiz, which provides a quick way to determine whether their request meets your preliminary requirements.

Impact Reports

Grantseekers can access the status of their grant at any time during the approval process, and also track their progress against any special grant requirements such as progress reports or surveys.

Online support

Grantseekers may access FAQs or initiate contact through a request form. Our support staff, based out of our headquarters, can answer their questions on your behalf.

Central logins where appropriate

Individual grantwriters who work with multiple organizations, or organizations with multiple applicants can use a central login to streamline access to the system and follow up on their applications.

Configurable applications

Account managers will work with you to set up your applications, but you're empowered to maintain your own, using a sandbox to test your changes before publishing them.

Tracking metrics

Specific questions on applications can be used as tracking metrics. When the grantseeker submits progress updates, you can measure the impact of their outcomes.

Automated communication

Drawing from dozens of system-generated email notifications and alerts, you can specify how and when you want to communicate status to grantseekers.

Applications for grantmakers

As an administrator, you have the advantage of all your giving initiatives including grantmaking and employee engagement on the same proven platform. You can see and report on the collective impact of all your charitable efforts — from total dollar value to specific contributions to causes and organizations.

Key features and benefits »

Budget tracking

The system tracks your grant allocations against your budget line-items to ensure that you are on track with your expenditure expectations and limitations.

Executive dashboards

Executive leaders of your corporation or foundation can view all programs and key metrics, such as dollars contributed, dollars remaining, and grants pending, approved or rejected.

Role-based access

Variable access rights allow you to give special permissions to those who only review and approve requests. You can create various roles with rights to search across grants, review grant status, access reports, or administer the system.

Automated approval workflow

Support for a variety of parameters related to the approval process such as approval and thresholds by individual, limits by location, special ratio calculations or other formulas partially or fully automate the approval process.

Reporting dashboards

Creating dashboards by user group gives team members an instant view of grant status depending on their roles, with graphic readouts of requests awaiting approval, budget allotment by team or type, and many, many more. Use the broad configurability to support the various roles and responsibilities within your organization.

Flexible approval process

CyberGrants stands alone in the industry for its ability to adapt to a wide variety of approval processes. They span the gamut, from preliminary approvals gathered for offline deliberation by a panel or board, to multiple individuals participating in a chain of approval executed fully online.

Multiple locations

CyberGrants supports businesses with multiple locations. Store managers and other local personnel have authority to approve some grants, while others are made at the regional, national or international level.

Compliance and risk management

CyberGrants integrates list-checking against authoritative databases, so you don’t have to separately perform your own validation through other sources. Even after you approve the grant, CyberGrants allows you to monitor an organization’s tax status or perform a watchlist scan.


  • 501(c)(3) status against the IRS business master file
  • K-12 accredited schools and districts
  • Choice of up to 45 U.S. and international watchlists
  • Vetting through partners where online databases are not applicable or available

grants management demo  Request a Demo

An online demonstration is the best way for you to experience our software. If you would like to see CyberGrants in action and witness its adaptability for your grantmaking and employee engagement programs, please complete the request form.